Video: Father attacks his son’s killer in courtroom — then handcuffed killer rises from floor, yells at victim’s father, ‘I’m gonna beat your a**, boy!’


Video caught the moment a father ran up to his son’s killer in a South Carolina courtroom earlier this month and and attacked him, swinging at his head and sending him to the floor.

But when the handcuffed killer rose to his feet, he was bodily restrained as he lunged toward his victim’s father and hollered, “I’m going to beat your ass, boy! I’m going to beat your ass, boy!” before being dragged away.

What are the details?

Lindy Lamont Jones of Orangeburg pleaded guilty on July 13 to the 2018 murder of Willie Antoine Fields, the Times and Democrat reported.

The father of Fields was caught on video attacking Jones on the morning of July 14 in the Orangeburg County Courthouse, the paper said.

Jones is 22; Fields was 18 at the time of his killing, the Times and Democrat reported.

Fields’ father — Willie Clay Fields — now faces one count each of contempt of court and third-degree assault and battery, the paper said.

During Jones’ sentencing hearing before Circuit Judge Roger Young, the victim’s mother — Angela Fields — described the loss she’s felt, the Times and Democrat reported.

The victim’s father, Willie Clay Fields, stood next to his wife, several feet behind Jones, who was standing with his head down. The paper said Jones’ wrists were handcuffed in front of him, and metal cuffs on each of his legs were separated with a short chain, all of which allowed limited movement.

Suddenly Fields ran up to Jones and appeared to try to punch him in the head.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Fields’ punch seemed to just barely miss its mark, after which Fields tackled Jones to the floor. The Times and Democrat said Fields appeared to punch Jones multiple times.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

After the pair were separated and Jones rose to his feet, he vowed to take revenge against Fields, hollering “I’m going to beat your ass, boy! I’m going to beat your ass, boy!” before being dragged away.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Fields also was restrained and led out of the courtroom.

Here’s the video of the incident:

Video Shows Father Punch Son’s Killer During Court Hearing

What happened next?

The paper said court resumed after several minutes — but it addressed the fight rather than Jones’ sentencing.

After deputies then led a handcuffed Willie Clay Fields back into court, the judge told him he would be held for contempt of court and urged Fields to get a lawyer before his July 25 sentencing, the Times and Democrat said

Later that day attorney Justin Bamberg said he is representing Fields free of charge and said the hearing “became too much emotionally” for his “heartbroken” client, the paper reported.

“No father should have to bury his innocent son,” Bamberg added, according to the Times and Democrat. “Mr. Fields is not a criminal. He is a victim of the senseless violence that occurs far too often in our communities. The criminal justice system exists so that justice may be done, and justice in this case demands setting Mr. Fields free from the burdens of these charges so that he may continue mourning in peace with his family. We are asking that the system #FreePops.”

Bamberg, who’s also a state lawmaker, said Fields and his family are “extremely apologetic to the court for his outburst and the court staff and officers who had to step in. Mr. Fields wishes that his emotions in the moment had not gotten the best of him, and he wants everyone to know that he is not a bad man,” the paper said.

Anything else?

Jones was 19 when he killed 18-year-old Willie Antoine Fields, the Times and Democrat reported, adding that Jay’Lyn Devanere Jones, brother of the confessed killer, was 18 at the time and faces one count of accessory after the fact of murder. His charge remains pending.

The paper said warrants accuse Lindy Jones of shooting Willie Antoine Fields in the head and three times in the back, and Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office investigators accused both Jones brothers of disposing of Fields’ body.

Angela Fields soon located her son’s vehicle, the Times and Democrat said, adding that investigators found blood in the vehicle and in the trunk. Investigators found the vicim’s body in a wooded area near the vehicle, the paper said.

Jones confessed to the crime when he was arrested, the Times and Democrat said, citing warrants.

A motive for the killing has not been determined, the paper said, adding that the Jones brothers both could face life in prison.


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