Gun-wielding homeowner with deadly aim stops dangerous, middle-of-night crime spree that resulted in multiple injuries


A Mississippi homeowner armed with a gun — and a deadly aim — stopped a dangerous, middle-of-the-night crime spree that resulted in multiple injuries Tuesday.

What are the details?

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office received a disturbance call around 4 a.m. about a man who had threatened people at a house, WLBT-TV reported.

However, the man in question departed the scene before deputies got there, the station said.

But while deputies still were at the house, they received a call about someone breaking into another residence and assaulting two men there before leaving, WLBT said.

Then when deputies arrived at the second house, they not only discovered two people had been assaulted there but also that a neighbor had been attacked, the station said.

While deputies gathered details about the aforementioned assaults, they received yet another 911 call about a man attempting to break into another home, WLBT reported.

As deputies arrived at the third reported crime scene, they heard a gunshot at a nearby residence, the station said.

Arriving deputies found a man at the home who had been shot while trying to hit someone with his car, WLBT reported.

The man in question was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead, the station said.

An investigation found that the suspect was involved in every disturbance, WLBT said.

Two of the man’s victims were treated at a hospital for various injuries, the station said, adding that the homeowner who killed the suspect wasn’t charged.


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