“Kamala Harris is faker than Hillary Clinton” Harris features child actors in YouTube series


Kamala Harris is currently in the running of “who’s less believable” against Hillary Clinton after the internet erupted after finding out that VP Harris used taxpayer dollars to pay for child actors in her Youtube series.

Following the video’s release, “Get Curious with Vice President Harris,” a report went out that the children auditioned for the series when one child actor told a local news affiliate he submitted a monologue. He interviewed for his role of being “curious with VP Harris.”

The internet did not pull any punches after finding out Harris didn’t even know how to talk to normal children. 

Maybe they should have hired an actor to play the Vice President.

There is something to say about not finding children to speak to without having wild mannerisms. Maybe the VP should take a couple of notes on communication.

What are your thoughts? Who would you consider more fake? Harris or Clinton, comment below.


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