Listen To Rush Limbaugh On The Federalist’s Capitol Hill Coverage: ‘You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet’


Listen to conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh break down Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech’s article “The Consequences Of The Capitol Assault” on his Friday show.

“What will happen next is obvious,” Domenech wrote in the piece published Thursday on Wednesday’s riots.

A total crushing, anti-free speech effort that treats Trump-supporting groups like Branch Davidians. An effort to restore the fundamentally unserious neocons as the voice of reason in the room. A hardening of the bounds of the People’s House to keep people away from politicians. A use of any levers of government power — including audits, regulation, and lawfare — to harass conservatives now categorized as seditionists and terrorists by the incoming president who falsely claims to want to unite the country. And above all, a doubling down on all the policies and efforts put in place to crush exactly the type of people who showed up at the Capitol yesterday in a foolish, desperate attempt to make themselves heard.

The rioters failed in their effort and ensured their marginalization. But marginalization doesn’t mean evaporation. They’re still here. They’re still Americans. And they’re not going away. How our politicians handle that will dictate a lot about the next several years. And that shouldn’t give people a lot of hope, considering that four years after his election and two weeks before his departure, the only person they’ll apparently listen to is still Donald Trump.

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